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Solar Batteries

The LG Energy System can provide backup power and on-demand energy.

How Solar Batteries Work

The system consists of a grid-tied inverter with solar panels, the Storage inverter with batteries, and the Automatic Backup Unit to connect everything to the house. Monitoring is handled through the Energy Portal. The grid-tied inverter works with most any type of solar panel, while the storage inverter works with high-voltage lithium type batteries like the LG Chem RESU.

Electric Car Charger

Backup Power
& Energy

Backup power provides a critical lifeline to families living in storm-prone regions, areas where natural disasters can occur and places where the electrical grid is simply unreliable.

Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, the system will instantaneously disconnect from the grid and provide seamless backup power to your entire home. Achieve whole home backup for the ultimate peace of mind during power outages. 


It’s simple: energy produced during the day is stored in your batteries and used in the evening when the cost of electricity is higher. This is called energy selfconsumption, and it can save you up to 45% annually on your electricity costs! 

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