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Whether your roof needs inspection, repair, restoration or replacement, DDE can handle it.

Fire, water, wind, hail or mold; whatever the peril may be, we assure you that your property will be restored to the highest possible standard.


Many different roofing problems can occur for different reasons. 

For instance, storm damage could cause problems, and you will need to get your roof fixed or risk leaks, damage to your roof’s underlayment, or damage to your home’s interior. Even your belongings could be destroyed because of a busted roof. With many professional certifications and credentials for roof installation and roof repair, we’re able to offer several different services for the roofs and exteriors of local homes.

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Storm Clouds


We help keep your roof in great condition- it’s essential to the safety of your family and home.

DDE Solar Solutions Inc. specializes in hail damage repairs, new construction, flat roof services and complete re-roofing of flat roof, metal and tile buildings. Whether you manage a single office building with a traditional asphalt shingle roof or a 100,000 square foot facility with a modified bitumen built-up roof system, Steep Roofing has the experience to get your job done.

Roofing a House


Trusted Partners

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Wow....what can I say. Devil Dog Energy was there every step. When anything comes up they took care of It and answered all of our question. The previous owner had a lot of unpermitted structures and so we had to get them permitted and DDE handledit for us. When it came to the solar that was so smooth and easiest part of the whole project.

Barbara R.

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